Thursday, January 10, 2008


Surfs Up!

We had a couple weeks of vacation heading into the new year so we decided to go to the beach. The town is called Compung Saum or Sihanukville depending on who you ask. It's about a 5 hour drive from Prek Ambel though the road is actually quite good for most of the way. The town felt different than other places we've been to in Cambodia. Sort of a small town feel. The water was nice and blue, the sand clean and white, and we really enjoyed our stay (1 day 1night).

Chheng and Sophorn introduced us to eating grilled squid. The idea didn't sound good to us at all. After we saw them it sounded like an even worse idea. But actually they taste good, though I only ate a couple and Jennifer could only bring herself to eat one. She was a good sport!

Things are going well here. The weather has been cool and mild for the most part. Katherine is growing all the time and is a good girl. Jennifer is the mom I always thought she would be. The ministry is in sort of a comfort zone right now. We have our classes, our outreach programs, and worship on Sunday. Things are sort of calm...which is good...we want to be at peace as much as it depends on us.

We are starting to feel the amount of time we have been away from the states. It seems like a long time. The holidays were tough...the first time we were completely away from family ever. Some days the weight of the culture over here can be a burden. It is just a fallen society. People say and do things that are just rude and sinful. But we knew it would be hard when we decided to come. We are not backing away...just confessing that it is as hard as we thought it might be.

Our new home continues to be a blessing for us. Its position close to the rice fields often brings a nice breeze. In my spare time I have been building a few shelves for storage. It is a slow, slow endeavor. No power tools...

More pictures of Katherine and us will be coming soon. God Bless you all. Please continue to pray the Lord would establish the work of our hands as we live and work in the Cambodian countryside.