Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A conference, a round of golf, and a sermon

Calloway Gardens Golf Course

Last week I went to a F.I.R.E. conference in Atlanta, GA. It was a good time of fellowship and instruction. I met lots of good folks and left thankful for all the good churches throughout the South. If you have never heard of the group before here is a link to the website:

After the conference, a few of us played at a really nice golf course called Calloway Gardens. It was a fun time and great Christian fellowship. Also, the dean of my seminary was at the conference. He wrote up a review of the coference which you might be interested to read:

Finally, I was blessed to preach at our home church last Sunday. The people were very gracious and gave me much liberty to speak. Here is the link to that sermon titled "Worry:"

God bless you all,


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back from the North

Living Word Bible Church

We have been blessed to visit many places in the last three weeks. First we were near Akron, Ohio visiting my 87 year old grandparents as well as my great aunt, aunt & uncle, and two cousins. It took us over 20 hours of driving to get there. We had a great time and it was so good to see them.

From there we drove to Lapeer, Michigan which was about 5 hours away. We spoke about Cambodia in a church called Thornville Baptist Church. The church building was very old and had beautiful stained glass windows from the mid 1800's. We spoke in the Sunday school hour and I had the chance to preach during the worship hour. I enjoyed it a great deal and we were encouraged by their faith and their kindness.

After visiting a city in north Michigan for fun (Mackinaw City), we drove on to visit a church in Morris, Illinois called Living Word Bible Church. Pastor Timothy Greene is a fellow seminary student of mine at Reformed Baptist Seminary. And there we also spoke in the Sunday school hour about the ministry in Cambodia and after I again had the chance to preach. Their church building was also quite old (mid 1800's too) and we enjoyed much freedom and encouragement to speak of Cambodia and the Word.

We then made the trip back to Texas from Illinois, which was a little bit shorter but not much. We made it in about 17 hours.

In both churches, I preached from the same passage of scripture. 1 Corinthians 15:1-58. Living Word Bible Church recorded the message and posted it on their website. Here is the link:

I recommend you all go and listen to this important message from God's word. And may you be as blessed and encouraged as I was while studying and preaching it.

Take Care