Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A conference, a round of golf, and a sermon

Calloway Gardens Golf Course

Last week I went to a F.I.R.E. conference in Atlanta, GA. It was a good time of fellowship and instruction. I met lots of good folks and left thankful for all the good churches throughout the South. If you have never heard of the group before here is a link to the website:

After the conference, a few of us played at a really nice golf course called Calloway Gardens. It was a fun time and great Christian fellowship. Also, the dean of my seminary was at the conference. He wrote up a review of the coference which you might be interested to read:

Finally, I was blessed to preach at our home church last Sunday. The people were very gracious and gave me much liberty to speak. Here is the link to that sermon titled "Worry:"

God bless you all,


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