Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hello From the Regions Beyond

Those of you who only get updates about our lives through this blog probably are wondering, "what happened? Did they make it back ok?"  Yes, we made it back safely to Cambodia.  It was a long trip but we made it safely.  Upon our arrival we met up with some dear friends from our home church; the Pate family.  Kris and Julie, Anna, David, Thomas, and Daniel.  They stayed with us for about three weeks.  They came in from Texas to help us by substitute teaching some of our classes. Julie also helped out in our home while Jennifer and I adjusted to the new addition to our family.  Kris and I worked on some computer lab stuff and he proved to be a skilled and tireless worker.  And their kids helped to make sure Katherine never had a dull moment! They were such a blessing!  Here is a link to their blog site which describes their trip.

Life has returned to a more normal routine the past few weeks.  I have been working with Daniel, my Translation Teammate, to finish translating some reformed literature.  These are the books we have been working on:

1689 Confession (95% done) - 3rd edition - added proof texts, revised wording, added study questions (Public Domain)
Life by His Death - John Owen (35%) done - A book about what Christ accomplished on the cross (With Permission)
Christian Beliefs - Wayne Grudem (15% done) - Twenty Basics Every Christian Should Know (With Permission)

Please pray for these important books to be translated accurately.  Pray God would supply the printing costs.

God bless,