Monday, May 25, 2009

How Beautiful Are the Feet

Things are going well here.  Brother Chheng has been in the United States now for almost one month.  We have been working to share the Gospel in his absence.  We have split into three groups and start in the morning at 8:00.  Most houses will listen to us and we usually spend about 30 minutes with each family.  We have heard many responses to the Gospel message but the most common by far is the denial of Justification by Faith.  Cambodians believe that each person’s future state depends on their “good” works outweighing their bad works.  They do not believe that someone else can justify them.  It’s a sad situation to see so many people living in sin and refusing to repent and believe in the God who will save all who do.  To many we are an aroma of death.

But thanks be to God, to others we are an aroma of life!  By Gods grace alone!  Since we started sharing two weeks ago we have had 6 visitors come to our Sunday services as a result of hearing the Gospel.  It’s too early to tell if they truly believe but we have been encouraged greatly and have been praising God for these folks.  Please pray for us to do this important work with a spirit of gentleness and in truth.

Also, as you know already, I have been sharing preaching responsibilities with Bro Chheng away and this week was my second turn.  With all the discussion about good works and how they relate to our justification before God, it seemed good to teach on the subject.  It’s available on-line if you wish to hear it.  Just click the play button below.



Grace and peace,


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Cost & Reward of Following

Our pastor here in Cambodia, Bro Chheng, is visiting in the states right now. He asked me to fill in for him and preach the message this week.  Maybe you would like to hear it.

I have a translator with me so it is a good chance to hear the Cambodian language and also to hear what it’s like to use a translator.  My translator’s name is Daniel.  He has translated for me over three hundred times and is becoming a very good translator.  My Khmer has improved greatly but for preaching I still don’t feel proficient enough to go at it alone. Though, I did give the church announcement in Khmer!



God Bless,