Monday, April 30, 2007

Laying the Foundation

Last week was very busy on the building front. We finished what we needed to finish on the wall so we began adding the dirt. At present we have added 282 trucks of dirt at $3 each. We estimate we will need about 100 more before we are through. This area is a bit low so we needed to raise it up. This morning the foundation crew started hammering in the concrete piers that will be the beginning of the foundation. Each pier will be hammered into the ground 4 meters deep.

After these guys get finished up with their work (later today hopefully) the builders will start on the foundation work. After that they will start laying the bricks. The materials needed for such a small project is tremendous.

Some of the materials used so far:

100 pounds of 1mm steel ties
770 pounds of 6mm steel
100 pieces of 10mm steel at 12 meters each
18 pieces of 12 mm steel at 12 meters each
4 tons of concrete
6 tons of sand
2 tons of small rock
22000 bricks

Please continue to pray for the work on our home. Jennifer and I feel it will firm up our presence in the area to have our own place. And it also put us in a better position to raise our family. May the Lord bless this home to be a home that will serve Him.


1Co 3:11 For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

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