Sunday, October 14, 2007


We've almost completed our second week in Thailand. It has been a nice break from the fury of activity and preparation we left in Cambodia, though I might have preferred not swinging so far to the other extreme!

We've been occupying ourselves with walks and taxi rides to malls and markets around Bangkok. (I had determined that Asians don't turn their thermostats down as low as Americans, but Billy assures me it's my thermostat that's been adjusted.) Billy has recorded a few songs and sent them to a band friend, and we have studied Khmer a few times. Applying discipline to a completely unstructured life is actually quite a challenge.

Bangkok (at least where we are) is quite modern and caters to wealthy shoppers, though on the other side of the posh shops and malls are aged buildings bordered by narrow, crowded, and sometimes smelly sidewalks. One could visit a different massage parlor and custom tailor everyday for a month and still not have to look very hard tomorrow.

This is a beautiful nook in a nice city park we walked through on the way to a museum.

I think I've been anticipating, thinking and reading about the birth for long enough that I'm past being nervous and ready to get on with it! So I suppose we'll see what we can do to try to walk her out again tomorrow...


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