Friday, August 22, 2008

Walls and Basketballs

Last week heavy rains caused a retaining wall beside the church to fall and block this little road.

Bill spent a couple of days doing hard labor with some of the men from church to bust up the cement and shovel dirt back out of the road. Shoveling dirt is one thing. Shoveling pasty clay mud that won't let go of the shovel is quite another!

When we were buying water in Saang last week the coach of the Saang high school basketball team saw Bill and stopped to talk. Before we took our trip to the US, Bill had been going to their practices to help coach about twice a week. Then they had some out-of-town games and the coach stopped calling. Bill thought perhaps the coach didn't appreciate his openness about Christ and that this door had closed. But he seemed eager to have Bill join them again.

It took some effort and an offer to do the work himself, but Bill finally convinced the coach that their goals should be the standard 10 ft. high, rather than 10' 8". So yesterday Bill lowered the goals. The players seemed pleased with the results. Please pray the Lord would help Bill to build relationships with the coach and players and that he would be salt and light to them.

I finished removing grass and planting vegetable seeds along our wall yesterday. You can see the newly dug soil above K's head, and my lovely squash sprouts to the left! Katherine was too busy checking out the grass to look up and smile at the camera.

Ants have invaded our mango trees, so I made some orange oil and sprayed them. Post strike reconnaissance revealed they had moved back in, seemingly undaunted. I tried to console myself with the idea that a few survivors had reported the devastation to another battalion, which then moved in to take the place of their fallen comrades. I think in reality my solution was too weak. I think I'll try planting mint around the bases.



em said...

Hey Bill and Jennifer! It's Emily! Thanks for the email and links. I just got back from a church retreat a couple days ago, so it took me longer to reply. How are y'all?! And the wall at the church? How's the Sunday School class coming along in the wisdom study? Will be praying for good relationships w/ the coach!

The Church of Mercy said...

Hi Emily! The wall is coming along nicely; I'll have to post a new picture. And Bill just concluded the wisdom series with a lesson on Elijah and "The Foolishness of God," which is, of course, wiser than the wisdom of men. Goodness, how often do I say in my heart, "that bit of God's wisdom just doesn't make sense to me." And effectively call it foolishness. Oh that He would give me faith to trust His perfect wisdom!

And I hope He is giving you peace while you wait for Him, in His perfect wisdom, to guide you through your decisions in His perfect timing!