Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Can’t Believe They Posted Again!

Enjoy it while it lasts, I can’t promise to keep blogging this frequently.  I wanted to give you a couple more things to pray about that I haven’t mentioned yet.

DSC04508 Daniel – 3rd Year PATC Student & Our Khmer Teacher

One of our PATC students, Daniel (pictured above), started an English school about 4 miles from the Vietnam border.  That means the school is about 15 miles south of Prek Ambel.  The school has been extremely successful so far as they teach some 400 plus students everyday, and he is doing a great job of managing everything.  Two weeks ago he asked me if I would come on a Saturday morning to share the Gospel with his teachers.  I happily agreed to his request and we set a date for January 18th. 

When I arrived almost all of the teachers were present.  There were 15 teachers, 2 of which are believers and the rest are Buddhists.  We read the book of Acts chapter 10.  We discussed how God taught Peter that the Gospel was for Gentiles too!  And then I shared the Gospel with them following Peter’s words to Cornelious (Acts 10:34-43).


God is not one to show partiality, but in every nation the man who fears Him and does what is right is welcome to Him.  Acts 10:34-35


Following the message we discussed the possibility of a weekly Bible study.  They were eager to learn more and studying weekly sounded good (Praise God!).  So this morning we met for the second time.  I decided to go through the book of Mark with them.  This morning we read Mark 1:1-28.  It is quite a powerful chapter, I think.  John says Jesus is so high he is not worthy to untie his sandals.  God the Holy Spirit is with him.  And God the Father is pleased with him.  We are taught the worthiness of Christ; He is the best!  And then we see he is immediately led to the wilderness to be tempted.  “He’s so good huh?  Let’s see what happens after I offer him the whole earth.”  But the Devil was defeated because Jesus passed the test.  Christ passed the test; he did not sin.  We can trust him; we will not be disappointed or ashamed.

Please pray for me and for these teachers.  For the next little while we will be meeting together weekly and reading about the life of Christ.  Pray the Lord would open their eyes, ears, and hearts.  And pray the Lord would help me to teach effectively and truthfully.



OK, update number two.  Jennifer has been working with Katherine for many months now (and doing a wonderful job).  Many times she receives comments about how she did this or that and their apparent disapproval of her methods.  One lady tried to “tell on” Jennifer for spanking Katherine.  She said, “Bill, I saw Jennifer spank Katherine,” thinking I would disapprove.  I told her Jennifer did that because she wants Katherine to be a good little girl. 8-)

And Jennifer has just endeavored to do good and follow God’s word and hoped it would be a testimony to the people she comes in contact with.  After being here for two years we are starting to see fruit in this area.  Two of our female students have seen the benefits of starting child training at a young age and have said, “When we have children, we want to train them like you train Katherine.”  Another student said that she didn’t know children could learn things at such a young age.  She said, “It’s nice how you talk to Katherine and explain things to her, the Khmer people don’t really talk to children like that.”  Jennifer, as you know, is not a perfect mommy, but thank God his light is shining through her.  Please pray for her work with Katherine (and mine too).  Pray we would obey God and raise her well.  Pray the Lord would open Katherine’s eyes to her sin and to the forgiveness of God in Christ, in due time.


God bless you all,


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Jenny said...

May the Lord bless your work and your family. May your daughter grow to Love Him as her savior.