Friday, April 3, 2009

Is It a Boy? Is It a Girl?

It is with a thrilled heart that I tell you Jennifer is pregnant with our second child.  We were hoping and praying for another child so we are very thankful to God.  She is almost 6 weeks along and the baby is due in early December.  Please pray for God’s watch care over Jennifer and the baby, that they will both be healthy (according to God’s good pleasure) and that He would teach us how to care for our growing family.

DSC05182(Katherine – 17 months)

Also, please pray for our school here in Cambodia.  We are in need of additional teachers and now that situation will be exacerbated.  We have a couple students who are nearing completion of the program that we are considering as candidates for teaching positions (low level English and Computer). We are also open to filling the positions from outside the school and even outside the country.  Pray the Lord would lead us to the right path.  If you want to learn more about our school, here is the web link.


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Dean Olive said...

Thanks be to God. We rejoice with you. I will share your news with the church this Lord's Day. You will be much in our prayers.

Dean Olive