Monday, May 17, 2010

Bill Preaching in Khmer

I have finally reached the point where I can preach in Khmer.  I’m not saying I am fluent but if I can prepare before hand I am able to speak pretty well.  We went to the Sre Trang Church of Mercy on Thursday and I preached a message on Galatians 2:16 titled, “saved by Faith.”  This is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome while working with the Khmers.  They believe a person is justified by their good works.

We had a good meeting and I was encouraged to see some growth in the church.  There were probably 60 people or more and they listened well and had reverent attitudes.  Thank you for praying for them. Pastor Ngan asked that we continue to pray God would give them wisdom to do the work of the Lord.

If you have time and want to hear a french dude speaking Khmer with a Texas twang go here:


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