Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Man Cub!

It is with great joy and thankfulness to God that I tell you, "Isaac has been safely born into the world." Jennifer went into labor this morning at 4:00 am. We went to the hospital and little Isaac was born at 8:30 AM on his due date. He weighs 7lbs 13oz and is 19" tall. He is healthy and doing well. Jennifer did great too and she is also doing well. We left the hospital the next afternoon and are now resting in our guest house. Thanks for all your prayers...the delivery went very smoothly.




The next step is to get his birth certificate translated into English, establish his USA citizenship, then apply for his passport.  We are hoping to get all this done by Dec 15th so that we can return to Cambodia ASAP.  Please pray that all the required steps would get completed, according to the will of God.  We are so thankful for your interest and prayers, both for our family and the ministry in Cambodia.  May God bless you and keep you!




dorothy said...

Congratulations and Praise God for the safe, timely arrival of Isaac. Enjoy the well-deserved break from teaching and preaching responsibilities and have a pleasant trip back when the time is right. from Dorothy (dublin).

Sharon in Pueblo said...

Just got the pictures this Thanksgiving Day-and how thankful all of us are for a beautiful addition to our family, your health and safety, and your ministry. I am so proud, Jenn, of what you and Billy are doing. Love to all of you.

Ransdell said...

What a journey for such a small (well, not so small)guy. What a beautiful ministry he's born into. And I'm proud to say his heritage reaches back to his Grandpa and Grandma Richard who I'm sure are so proud of all of you. Our prayers for your safety and ministry. I envey your faith walk. The Lord will bless you daily and grow in His wisdom.

Peace and Prayers.
Great Uncle Ransdell & Janet Hebert - Slidell La.

Christi said...

Congratulations Bill & Jennifer! What a blessing! Praying for safe travels for your family!