Thursday, November 19, 2009

We’re All Here!

We arrived safely on the 12th and Jennifer’s mom, Martha, arrived yesterday, safe and sound as well.  We are enjoying the reunion and the comfortable setting.  We have met with our doctor and seen the hospital and both are going to work out well.  Isaac is officially due to come on the 24th and it is an exciting time.  Thank you for your prayers!

I told the ladies that we need to have a man child around here to help out with the hormonal imbalance of our apartment.  8-)

Here are a couple pictures of the Juniper Tree:



The Lord Jesus Reigns,


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dorothy said...

Hi Bill and Jennifer, I live in Dublin, used to work in Kampot from 1992-1994 with a Christian ngo so love all things Cambodian. I follow your blogs with interest, stumbled them this summer. Hope all goes well and that you enjoy your time in Chiang Mai. I spent a week there in 1993. Will pray. I lived in Chhuuk district town. Visited again in 2006, went to Ratanakiri, Seam Reap, Battambang and Kampot. Huge changes everwhere.Sincerely, Dorothy.