Thursday, May 6, 2010

A'run Soo-ah S'day (Good Morning in Khmer)

In September last year I started a Masters Degree in Theological Studies (Systematic Theology)at Reformed Baptist Seminary. ( The last few months I have been taking a course on Apologetics (via distance learning). It has been good for me. Being here in Cambodia has been a great blessing to me but sometimes I have felt dry spiritually. I was teaching, teaching, teaching but my learning was lagging behind. Thanks be to God for this learning opportunity! Please pray for me as I study. I hope to finish in about two years, God willing.

Also, a few months ago I submitted an article to the RB Seminary's blog. They posted the article but I forgot to post a link to the article on this blog. So if you have time, follow the link and spend a couple of minutes being reminded of God's great love for sinners! I would welcome any feedback you might have.


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