Monday, March 12, 2007

March 12, 2007

Hello everyone! We are doing well in the Lord. Jennifer is doing well so far with the pregnancy. She has had some mild nausea when she has an empty stomach but for the most part is feeling well. She has a doctors appointment on Thursday morning. I am also feeling good, though I will need to buy some new pants soon. I have lost about 12 pounds since we have moved here. Don't worry though, I still have about 10 pounds of reserves. But in the words of my brother, I'll be lean and mean very soon.

The work here is difficult in many ways. There is the constant sound of monks praying over the loud speaker, bugs that have infiltrated every part of our house, idols on every corner, dust which coats everythings we own, and the ever present heat. Not to mention the difficult work of sharing the Gospel in a country which is entrenched in "Justification by works." Additionally, recently I have had some mild rumors of threats against my person. Apparently it's some youngsters who think they are tough to breathe threats against the "Big" American. None of these have been face to face, just hearsay. Nevertheless we have decided to stay indoors after dark for a while. We are not overly worried but we have not taken it lightly either. We have filed a police report with the local authorities and they said they would keep an eye on us. We prayed for the boys and we committed ourselves to the Lord's protection.

All these things we knew would happen and would be part of working in Cambodia. This country is difficult to work in. But they need the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want them to repent, worship and give thanks to the Lord of Glory. We are not deterred in the least from our mission to bring Him to the people. We are happy! We know that the Lord's blessing is upon us and this fills us with the joy of the Lord!

The Lord has been working among the people. We have been sharing the Gospel around the villages every Saturday afternoon and we have had five steady visitors as a result of these efforts, two of which I think are close to repentance if not already. Thank the Lord for his mercy as we know it's not the man who wills or runs but God who has mercy.

Please continue to pray for us, the churches, and for the people of Cambodia.

God Bless,

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