Sunday, December 21, 2008

Siem Reap Vacation Pics

Ok, I promised you guys some pictures from our vacation to Siem Reap so here they are.  We have been asked many times in the last two years if we ever went to see the Angkor temples.  We always answered, to their astonishment, "no, not yet."  The locals think that every foreigner has been to see them.  Well, now we can add ourselves to the list.  We had a great time and the temples really are amazing.  In the worldly sense they are quite beautiful however, knowing they were built as idols for Hindu and Buddhist gods they kinda lose some of their luster.


(Click to enlarge map)

Anyway, I have organized the pictures according to which particular temple we were visiting.  The temples cover a seventy-five square mile area and there are many to see.  We spent one whole day looking at them and we only saw six temples. 





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